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Sunny Leone Pics
Sunny Leone Pics

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The letter on the desk was from an attorney, Alex James, postmarked Reno, Nevada.

He didn't know anybody from there and wondered what bill collector had me on their list from that area of the country.

Jack Had been out of work for several months and things were tight in their household. Sharon, his wife of three years had a job at the local Waffle House working evening shift. The pay sucked but the tips were ok, on a good night she made about $40.00 to $50.00. Just enough to cover the essential bills but not any extras.

Tempted to throw the letter in the waste basket, He finally decided. "What the hell". And with some slight trepidation opened it. It read.

Dear Mr. Muller. This is to inform you that you have been made an heir to the estate of Miss Julia Muller, late of Sparks, NV. Please contact this office as soon as possible to attend a reading of her will.

It went on to give an address and phone number to reach him. So he called.

"Hello, Mr. James. This is Jack Muller. I received a letter from you regarding the will of a woman there. A Miss Julia Muller."

"Yes. He replied. You have been named as the beneficiary of her estate. When you arrive here we will have a reading of her last will and testament."

Jack replied. "When I arrive, I have no way to come out there. I'm not working and finances are non existent. The wife is a waitress, we're broke."

The attorney laughed. "Your no longer broke Mr Muller. Your aunts estate is quite extensive. My office will forward you enough cash and plane tickets for you and your wife. Will also make reservations for a car here. See you soon." With that he hung up.

An hour later Western Union called saying they had a money order for him. Could he please come to their office and pick it up. Then the airport called to confirm reservations for two leaving the next morning.

Driving to the Western Union Jack was shocked to get a money order for $1000.00, more money than he expected. He cashed it at the bank.

Stopping at Sharon's workplace he showed her the money and informed her that she no longer worked there and led her to the car. "We're going to Reno, Nevada. Pack our bags." He gleefully told her as they drove home.

"You must be nuts."

"No, not completely." He told her about the letter and call from the attorney.

After a three hour flight Jack called the attorneys office and retrieved their rental auto. A short time later they were entering an extremely plush office suite. A gorgeous secretary sat behind a modern desk. Upon taking their names told them that they were expected an go right in. The inner office was furnished with heavy expensive antique mahogany furniture. A large man rose to greet them. "Just call me Alex." A deep, gruff voice said as the attorney shook their hands. Alex was tall, 6'2", well built, silver gray hair, large mustache, tanned face with deep blue eyes. Wearing a western style grey suit, white shirt with a turquoise bola tie. A handsome, imposing man. Both were impressed with him, Sharon flushed as his eyes met hers.

"Sit, and we can quickly get things finished here. I can then take you to lunch and then show you your new estate."

"Estate? What do you mean estate?" Jack questioned. "Just how much was she worth?"

"Somewhere in the neighborhood of five and a half million. We'll know much better after a full audit. You are her only heir. You get it all." Alex said smiling at them.

"That much?" Sharon gasped. "That's a hell of a lot of money."

"It's not all cash. Most is real estate, stocks, bonds, investments, a couple businesses, etc."

"How do you fit in with all this?" Jack asked Alex.

"Julia Muller and I had a weird lawyer, client, lover, friend relationship. I was her lawyer for eighteen years. Her lover for six yrs. And friend for the last twelve years, till she died. I've managed her business enterprises for the last 17 years. For that I get paid one hundred thousand a year. And I earned every penny of it." He continued with. "It's up to you if I continue this position with you. I'll stay till the years end, after that you can make up your mind if you wish to replace me. OK?" "This is all very, too much, hard to believe." Jack said, looking at his wife who was sitting there dumbfounded with all the news.

"Let's get the legalities out of the way first. Have some lunch, then talk." Spoke Alex.

After signing a pile of papers and having his secretary notarize them they walked to a very exclusive and expensive restaurant nearby.

Sharon asked about the prices, there were none on the menu. Alex told her not to worry. Lunch would be billed to their account and it was tax deductible.

"We don't have an account here!" Jack said.

"You do now. It comes with the business. We, you and I own part of this place. Along with many other businesses."

After a wonderful lunch they were met out front by a chauffeur with a silver grey limo. Also one of their endeavors, they were told. As Alex gave directions to the driver.

"You will now see where most of Julia's wealth came from." Alex said, as they rode through the gates of a large hacienda. The place was huge. A three story main house, five or six smaller buildings. Out behind you could see corals and a large garage. A glorious place.

"Ye Olde Cat House." He announced with some pride in his gruff voice. "Welcome home."

"CAT HOUSE!" Sharon cried. "We own a cat house? A whore house? What?"

"Yep, you sure do. This is the best and biggest Cat House in the state. Perfectly legal here outside the city limits. It's now yours and part mine. I own twenty percent."

Parking in front they saw a large black wreath on the door.

"We will be closed until after the services tomorrow. Will be open for business again Friday evening. " Alex explained. "Come on in and I'll introduce you to the manager. She's expecting us."

A very pretty young woman approached them in the entree and kissed Alex on the cheek.

"Hi uncle Alex." She said as she embraced him.

"Hello Mary. This is Sharon and Jack Muller. The new owners. Is Grace in?"

"She's waiting in the office. Come on." Mary said as she smiled and turned to lead the way.

Jack looked questioningly at Alex who gave him a smile and simply said. "Later."

From behind a large antique desk a very beautiful lady arose to greet them. "I'm Miss Grace, and I welcome you both. I suppose some of this is a big surprise?"

Miss Grace was a striking woman. Looking to be about fifty. Dressed fashionably in a severe light blue business suit, Blond hair fell in curls to her high silk collar. She wore a large broach at her throat. A lovely lady. Not what they expected to see as the mgr. of a whore house.

"Not some things, but most. Total surprising." Sharon answered her.

"Sit and Alex and I will explain."

For the next couple hours Jack and his wife were told of the operation of their new business acquisition. Of all things a whore house, or as it was called. "Ye Olde Cat House."

Jack's aunt had come out to the west and worked in a bawdy house. In the beginning as one of the whores. Taking over as the madam she then married the owner. He was killed in a gun fight and she now was the boss. Hired some of the best and prettiest whores and expanded .to several other nearby towns. She got richer and had this place built. Closed the other houses and expanded here.

"We now run the biggest and best cat house in the state Totally legit, all the girls are over legal age and have doctor exams every month. No drugs allowed, drinking only in the bar or lounge. No full nudity downstairs. Fucking only in the rooms up stairs, except for during the sex exhibitions.''

"Is prostitution legal here?" Asked Sharon. "Doesn't the law object?" She was getting excited over the details of whoredom.

"Not here, we're outside the city limits." Miss Grace told her. "Now? Want to meet some of the girls? Some live here, others live in town with their families. "

"With their families?" Sharon asked incredibly.

"Yes. A good many of our girls are married. They only work on weekends when we are the busiest."

"I can't believe it? Don't the husbands object? Do they know their wives fuck for money?" Jack asked.

"Hell yes. Most of the girls make over a thousand dollars on the weekend. That's a lot for just a little pussy." Alex explained to him. "A lot of the husbands work here too. This is a working ranch, with cattle, horses and upkeep needs." "And the girls like the extra cock. They really love their work." Alex said, winking at Sharon.

Sharon blushed as she squeezed her legs together. Just thinking about all the extra cocks and all that money. Her pussy tingled as she wondered what it was like to sell her pussy. Jack looked inquiringly to his wife and asked her. "Honey? What do you think? Could we live here and run this place? Run a whore house?"

"Why not? It's got to be better than me working at Waffle House for shitty tips, and it's lovely here. Plus Miss Grace and Alex really run things. I love it here. YES!" She answered, her cunt still tingling. With Miss Grace leading the way they went to the pool area off the rear of the house. Mary took Jacks hand, Alex held to Sharon's. Alex had noticed Sharon's responses to the conversation and leaning to her whispered. "Want a part time job?"

She grasped his arm tight and shyly whispered back. "Sounds like fun? I might consider it!"

Alex chuckled as he reached over and lightly caressed her firm ass. "I know the boss. I'll put a good word in for you. OK?"

"Want to be my first customer?" She asked. "Special rate for you?" Her cunt was dripping wet with desire. Surrounding the pool, lounging on mats getting the sun were about ten young girls. With well tanned bodies. Most were topless exposing high firm titties showing unashamed to the newcomers. Most were white but two dark girls stood out. One light chocolate and the other jet black. They ran the full gambit from two that looked as if they were teenagers, short with tiny titties, to a six foot blond goddess with a fantastic body. A sea of glorious women.

"LADIES!" Miss Grace called. "Come meet your new bosses."

Jack stared at all the gorgeous flesh showing on these beauties. His cock quickly hardened at the sight of all the bare flesh surrounding him.

Sharon noticed the stiffening in his pants and nudged him. "Behave yourself." She said.

So many names neither could remember but Sharon and Jack said they were glad to meet them and promised to get better acquainted in the future.

"Careful how well acquainted you get with them, honey." Sharon quipped to Jack later. "I might want to get even."

"Now. You can have Julia's apartment in the far wing. It's yours. Or you can stay in one of the other houses on the hacienda, there are several empty ones."

"We can live here?" Sharon asked.

"All this is yours. You can live here or any where you like. You own it all. Lock, stock and barrel." Alex told her. "Where do you live?" Sharon enquired.

"Grace and I have our apartment in the east wing."

"You and Miss Grace? Apartment?"

"We're married. Have been for twelve years. We both run the businesses."

Sharon and Jack were relaxing in what was to become their living quarters in the mansion. It was well laid out with three bedrooms, large master bath and one small one. Big living area, modern kitchen and dining room. Very tastefully decorated.

Both naked lounging in bed after celebrating their fantastic luck with a great fuck.

"I need a shower." Sharon said as soon as they entered their rooms. Stripping, dropping her clothing on the way she went to the bath room. Quickly Jack followed, joining her in the huge shower stall they took turns washing each other. As Jack scrubbed her lovely tits she made sure his cock and balls were good and clean. Turning her back to him she bent forward pushing her ass toward him. Soaping her asshole he aimed his stiff cock to her puckered lips and with one quick push slid his hard cock deep into her bowels. She only allowed her ass to be used on rare occasions and this was one. While pounding his dick in her rectum Jack was thinking of all the sweet titties on the girls out back and quickly shot his load, filling her ass with cum. Not taking the time to dry off they raced to the king size bed and Jack spread her legs then dove between them to lick at the sweet lips of her bald, wet cunt. Licking his wife to several climaxes he was still fantasying about the whores downstairs. Causing his cock to rise again, even harder than before.

Sharon turning to get her mouth over to his hard shaft was pleased he was hard again. She sucked on him a bit then turning over, grabbed his prick and aimed it to her dripping pussy. After cumming once in her ass he was able to last a long time. Giving her several orgasms, as she delightfully quivered, accepting another load of juices from him.

"Ooh, that felt so good. You fucked me good honey." She sighed as they laid there after. "What made you so hard again? So soon? Were you thinking of those big tits on all those pretty girls?"

"Nooo." He grunted. "Thinking of yours. Your big tits."

"You fuck any of them and I'll get even. You hear?"

"What would you do to get even?" Jack asked.

"I'll take the job Alex offered me."

"JOB? What kind of job did he offer you?"

"He asked if I wanted a part time job as one of the girls. Work as a whore."

"He did?" Jack asked dumbfounded. "What did you say?"

"Told him I might. Sounds like it would be fun. Would you want me to go to work here?

"Your kidding? You want to? Would you really want to?"

"Just joking honey. Couldn't never fuck for money." She laughed. "I just fuck for fun."

"You are a fun fuck! I can just picture you as a whore. Bet you would be a good one." They slept for a while then decided to explore their new domain. Dressing casual they went down to the main part of the building. Found several of the girls sitting in a huge room with a bar across one end. Comfortable couches were scattered around the room. Two of the girls came over and one apologized for them being so brazen and exposed at the pool. They didn't want to embarrass them but were so used to being partly naked most of the time didn't think. Sharon told them. Not to worry. "Jack will just have to get used to seeing you girls half naked. If he doesn't like it, too bad for him." The girls laughed and the other said. "I saw his cock rise, he liked it. I could tell."

"Look." Sharon said. "We're just family here. All together, a big family. Jack and I do own this place, but Miss Grace is still the boss. No change. Tell all the girls that. OK?"

"OK." Both replied. They turned to leave when Sharon followed them a short way and quietly told them. "Don't worry about Jack. If any of you fuck him it's Ok with me. "You really don't mind if he fucks with us girls?" One asked. "No. He's a man and with all the pussy around he will be tempted, so let him get some. PLUS, that will give me an excuse to get some hard cock too." "Your devious!" The other girl said. "I like that."

The girl they met earlier, Mary, came over and asked if she could show them around. She gave them a complete tour of the big house. Big kitchen and dining room for the girls and cleaning staff, laundry room, medium gym. Upstairs each girl had her own room for taking their tricks for sex. It was a well run organization. Out back were many other buildings. Stables, cottages for permanent help. Garages, tool sheds and so on.

While they were being shown around Jack asked why she had called Alex uncle. "Because he is my uncle. Miss Grace is my fathers sister, my aunt."

"And you work here too?" Jack asked. "As one of the girls?"

"Yes. Just for the summer. I go to collage the rest of the year. Earn my tuition the easy way, on my back. Better than working in a fast food place and a hell of a lot more fun." She said.

"You like working here?" Sharon asked. Wide eyed.

"Damn right I do. Love it. Getting paid to fuck in a soft bed is better than spreading my legs for some simple collage jerk in the back seat of his car. The variety of cock is great. AND I like to fuck! It's fun."

Sharon looked at her, then smiled. "We have to talk, later. Alone."

In bed that night Jack cuddled close to Sharon and started caressing her titties. She reached her hand down to find a again hard cock protruding from his shorts. "You horny shit. All this fresh cunt here is getting you hard again. I bet you want to fuck some more? Do you?"

"Can't you tell? Your holding the proof. Want it?"

"Can I suck it first?"

"Sure can. Can you talk with your mouth full?"

"No." she mumbled as her mouth closed over his swollen manhood.

Her tongue swirled around his hard shaft as she licked it and sucked him deeper in her mouth.

Jack had always loved getting his cock sucked and Sharon was the best ever. Both enjoyed oral sex and indulged several times a week. Lovingly she licked and sucked his hard shaft. Using her tongue tip to probe his tiny piss hole One hand gripping his harry balls she squeezed them slightly trying to coax the juices from him. Harder and faster she worked his cock as he pumped into her mouth. Suddenly he grasped her head and shoved his cock head deep into her mouth shooting fresh cum directly down her throat.

"Thanks hun, that was good. You suck cock great."

"Your welcome. That's all for tonight. Any more you'll have to visit one of the girls downstairs."

"Honey. You know I wouldn't do that."

"If you want to you can. Go ahead. You have my permission to fuck any of them."

"Yea. And if I do? What?" He asked. "You'll go to work here? Be a whore?"

"You really think I would do something like that?"

"I really think you want to! DO YOU?"

"Don't be angry, but, I think I would. I would like to at least once."

"What do I owe you for the blow job?" Jack asked smiling as he laid back. His cock rising again as his mind visualized her getting fucked by their clients.

"Hun. If you want to it's OK!" Jack said as he squeezed a tit. "I think you would be good at it and I'll bet that you will enjoy fucking all those different cocks." With a raging stiff cock Jack rolled over and speared her pussy and fucked her vigorously." "That really turns you on? Me fucking other men. Doesn't it?" Sharon gleefully said, as she fucked back. "YESSS! Jack groaned as he pumped into her responsive cunt. "I want to watch." The next day services for Julia were held. Julia had been cremated, her remains in a miniature silver casket were placed on a shelf under a portrait of her on the wall in the main room. According to her wishes she wanted to remain overseeing her recent domain. The place was overwhelmed with people. Friends, clients, politicians, employees, family of employees, and those who just wanted to see inside a whore house. It seemed as if the whole county showed up for the visitation. Hundreds of well dressed men and women flowed in and out during the day. Many great looking young women introduced themselves as being one of the working girls and many presented their husbands as well.

Alex introduced Jack and Sharon to all the influential people. "You need to have friends in the right places. I'll guide you to the right ones." He told them. "Most are clients here. Powerful men like to fuck a lot."

Finally things slowed down. The hacienda was empty except for Sharon, Jack, Miss Grace, Alex, the girls and remaining staff. Jack and Alex invited them to the bar for some needed liquid refreshment. "It's been a long day." Jack said. "I wish to say thank you for the great send off you all gave to my Aunt Julia. I didn't know her hardly at all. You were her friends, family and co- workers. Part of her everyday life, now you all are part of mine. My wife and I will live here amongst you. Miss Grace is still THE BOSS. I just own the place. A final toast to Julia." They all lifted their glasses and drank to her memory.