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Today is a nice day here in Florida, and Cheryl is walking around in a daze, but happy.

Let me tell you about yesterday. Cheryl and I ( Jerry) are avid swingers and nudists, but always stay with people we know and trust. Yesterday was a departure. Cheryl is a young 50 with 36C breasts that make your mouth water and a figure of 36-26-37. Her hair is light brown, eyes brown, and is 5'2" tall weighing 115 pounds. I am somewhat larger, but this story isn't about me.

Yesterday morning, or around noon Cheryl and I were lounging around our heated backyard pool in the nude, as usual when we heard the doorbell ring. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to answer it and found two young studs,about 20 years old, shirtless, showing their glistening black skin leaning against the wall and they asked if we wanted our palm trees trimmed. Well, they sure needed it so I asked for an estimate, and let them in the gate to check out the trees, conveniently forgetting that when they came around back they would see Cheryl in the nude. That was the voyeurism in me, and normally she loves to be surprised in the nude.

They could hardly get a good look at the trees after they had seen Cheryl, and the bulge in their shorts showed that she had met their approval. We agreed on a price and they went right to work, and as they climbed the trees they could see even better through the pool screen as Cheryl was lying on a chaise lounge out by the pool in full view.

"Honey, I think those guys are getting an eyefull", I commented.

Cheryl replied, "Who cares, it was you who invited them in, not me?"

Since she was in an apparent playful mood, I began to tease her pussy hair with my finger and to suck on her tits when I thought I heard a gasp coming from the top of one of the trees. I then heard Tyrone whisper to Dewan "look at that babe down there getting a treatment." I smiled to myself and kept getting Cheryl worked up until she returned the favor by sucking my dick until I shot a load down her throat. Then I went inside to get dressed and left Cheryl outside while I got the money to pay the guys.

As I was giving them the cash for the job, Tyrone asked me, " Is that your wife man, and does she sometimes do black guys?"

"As a matter of fact she sometimes does, but only with people we know. What did you have in mind?" Tyrone was quick to say that he and his brother have been doing rape fantasies for some white women for less money than we get for trimming trees.

Cheryl has never expressed any rape fantasy to me, but as we are usually open to new adventures I jumped at the chance and hired them to come back that night and I would leave the back door unlocked for them.

After they left, Cheryl casually commented about the build on the guys and how "hot" they looked in their cutoff shorts.

I said that she should have mentioned an interest earlier and they could have serviced her while I watched. " Oh sure", she said "they would have been interested in doing a middle aged woman with all the young pussy available."

"Okay, well never mind", I said as I smiled to myself about her surprise for later last night.

Around 11 PM we turned off the TV and went to bed as normal and as we always sleep nude, we had a quickie and both drifted off to sleep. Sometime around midnight when both of us were sound asleep I was awakened by a slight sound in the rear of the house and I got up to check when I found Tyrone and Dewan both already in the house and getting naked. They claimed that if they were naked they couldn't be identified by the clothes and if I still wanted Cheryl raped with no pain, just pure pleasure they were willing to do it for less money than we had previously agreed upon. "Are both of you clean and disease free?" I asked.

They replied that they were and so I told them they didn't need to use condoms since Cheryl couldn't have children and she might like to feel the surge of their cum as they got off. Now the three of us went back into the bedroom and even I had a surprise.

"Man, we have to tie you up and make you sit in that chair and watch so that it looks like a genuine rape, can you dig that?"

"Okay by me, but I want to sit close and have you turn on a bedside light so that I can get a good look." They agreed and tied me in a chair right next to the bed and then Cheryl woke up.

"What is going on here," she cried out.

"Shut up bitch, you are going to get your pussy serviced and we are going to tie you up so you don't fight too much at first. After we get going you may get untied because you will be wanting to move around to get more of us." With that Dewan held Cheryl down while Tyrone tied her arms over her head to the bedposts and then her ankles to the bottom of the bed and they stood and looked at the beauty laid out before them.

Cheryl looked over at me and saw that I was tied up and assumed that it was indeed to be rape instead of our usual swinging scene, and began to hyperventilate. "Calm down sweety, we aren't going to hurt you, it just looked like you needed some real manhood today when we were trimming your trees and we have come back to do the job." Dewan said.

They say that when rape is inevitable you should just lie back and enjoy it, so Cheryl who has had lots of swinging partners and is no stranger to group sex, seemed to be resigned to what was going to happen.

First, Tyrone began to lick Cheryl's labia folds and to insert two or three fingers into her vagina which had the intended effect of bringing her bottom up off the bed to meet his thrusting fingers as she moaned her pleasure. While Tyrone was fingering Cheryl, Dewan climbed up on her chest and began to rub his dick against Cheryl's lips until she opened her mouth and began to suck the head of his tool and to lick around his balls as well.

"It looks like you guys are good sized," she said. " I noticed the nice bulge you guys had on today when you saw me out by the pool now I'm not disappointed."

I was getting really turned on watching all this and my hands were tied to the arms of the chair so I couldn't touch myself, but I was erect and pre-cum was dribbling off the end of my penis. Sure, I had watched Cheryl fuck guys lots of times, but this had the outward appearance of rape and was something new for both of us. As I squirmed in the chair I saw Tyrone rise up over Cheryl and slowly sink what must have been a 10" purple and heavily veined dick into her hot and ready pussy an inch or two at a time until his balls were slapping against her ass and she was bucking against her tie down ropes. "Oh God, that feels so good, she moaned, please untie me. I promise to be good."

with that Dewan climbed off Cheryl's chest, pulled his dick out of her mouth with a plop and removed the ropes. Now that she was free to move she asked Tyrone to take his dick out for a minute as she turned over on her hands and knees and got Tyrone back in her pussy doggie style while she had Dewan lay on his back and she could suck him off without his weight on her chest and could do a better job.

She looked over at me several times and winked letting me know that it was really good and that she wasn't afraid of being hurt, and that these guys were of a size that filled her up good.

Tyrone was pulling almost all of the way out and jamming his dick back in with a vengeance and Cheryl was bucking against him with a rhythm that showed they were both about to cum when Cheryl cried out and sank her mouth on Dewan all the way to his pubic hair as she had her first orgasm. Now Tyrone was ready to shoot his first load of hot cum in her white pussy and as he did he collapsed on Cheryl's back, and Dewan was now ready for his turn. How he kept from cumming from the super blow job he was getting I'll never know, but he had endurance.

As Tyrone recovered from his massive orgasm, Dewan took his place, but had Cheryl on her back with her legs over his shoulders so he could get maximum penetration, and then he turned her slightly so that I could get a better view. Dewan wasn't as big as Tyrone, but a lot thicker, and was a human battering ram so that Cheryl and the bed shook with his efforts. I had to strain against the ropes to see well, but I could see Cheryl's pussy lips going in and out with each thrust that Dewan made. Tyrone then untied me so that I could jerk off as I was actually in pain from the need to get off seeing how much Cheryl was enjoying herself.

Cheryl was getting stretched and I could see she was in heaven with the feeling. I have seen her enough to know when she is really getting off and was this ever a good time for her!

Dewan soon unloaded his cum in my wife's pussy and since I was no longer tied up I went and got a couple of towels to clean them up, when Cheryl said to me, "You planned this didn't you Jerry?" I had to confess and admitted that I did.

Cheryl said," what a great surprise, that while she had never conciously thought about rape, the fantasy had been there and this had been a good gift for her."

As a non-participant I went and got drinks for the three of them as they got their second wind. Cheryl didn't need a second wind, but even 20 year old guys needed a few minutes to regain their erections, but before their glasses were empty they were back on Cheryl and doing something totally new for us. Dewan was lying on his back and Cheryl was impaled on his dick as she faced him, while Tyrone got up on the bed behind her and pulling her ass cheeks apart, he slowly inserted his dick into Cheryl's pussy alongside his brother's dick. Cheryl had never been fucked in the ass, and didn't want that to be done so she was relieved when her virgin asshole wasn't filled, but neither was she ready for the sensation of two good sized dicks in her pussy at the same time.

As she rode forward on Dewan, Tyrone let his dick slide slightly out of her pussy and when she came back on Dewan Tyrone let all of his 10" dick slide to the max and with this rhythm they all three got their rocks off again almost simultaneously.

When everyone was done, the guys thanked us and asked if they could come back again some time for free. I said,"sure".

Cheryl commented, " well that's a new one for me, having to pay somebody to fuck me. Now I guess I'll just have to go into the business and see how much money this snatch can make a week".

I sure hope she was kidding as I don't think I would want the word to get out just how good she really is and I know she could make more with her pussy than I could with my regular job.

The guys left and Cheryl and I just cuddled for awhile before going back to sleep. This morning she is plenty sore, but has a smile on her face as she walks bowlegged around the house. She wants to know when we can schedule another visit and I hope to make it happen again soon.